Welcome to Rent With A Plan!

Move into a Home based on your ability to pay...not your credit.
Thinking Of Renting Until You are Prepared To Buy? We Help You Build Credit Toward Your Purchase And We Give You Monthly Rent Credits Towards Your Purchase Of The Home.

Rent To Own A House! Lease With An Option To Buy! Find It. Rent It. Own It.

So don't just rent...Rent With A Plan! 
Foreclosure? Eviction? Bad Credit? If you are able to pay and we can verify your income we'll help you get into a home that you can call your own. Easy to qualify and No credit check!

We help renters become homeowners today! Don't let bad credit stop you from home ownership. 
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If you're a renter with verifiable income, but have bruised credit, and even if you've just been turned down by a bank for a mortgage. We have a simple step-by-step process to help you fix your credit and purchase a home.

Rent With a Plan's rent to own program is designed for good people who want to fulfill their dreams of owning their own home.

Rent to own homes are perfect for those who have had credit challenges, bankruptcy, foreclosure, difficulty getting financing and for those who want the flexibility of the option to buy but not the obligation unless and until ready.

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(623) 777-9611 or (602) 368-5704 Rent With A Plan!
Rent To Own A Home - Find It. Rent It. Own It.
Rent With A Plan  2320 East Baseline Rd., Suite148-207 Phoenix, AZ 85042
(623) 777-9611  http//www.RentWithAPlan.com
Rent To Own A Home from us, then at the end of your lease (1, 3, 5 years or more) you buy the home from us.

Earn $100 to $300 monthly credits towards the purchase price.

If you're not ready towards the end of your lease simply renew your rent to own lease. 
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Please note that we only market our properties on www.RentWithAPlan.com and our sister site
www.LeaseWithAPlan.com in addition to our craiglist ad which list this website only. Any other site or company that has our ad and claims to be us or representing us and our ad or any of our properties are false. Click here to read about Rent To Own scams and pitfalls.

If this website and our number is not listed on the ad then you should proceed with caution. We are authentic and not scammers. We're Real Estate Investors with over 12 years in business.
Find It. Rent It. Own It.
                       Available for move in NOW!
In order to view and walk through the property, you must fill out an application, fax or email to us 

 There is NO application fee
You may download an application >HERE<